What is Life Coaching and How a Life Coach can Help You

Life Coaching

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A life coach will empower you by making things clear for you. Life coaching involves counseling, forming an actionable plan, and holding a client responsible for his actions in achieving a goal.

What is Life Coaching?

This is the difference between therapy. In therapy, you have a problem and your therapist will help you understand the root of that problem so you can resolve it. A life coach, however, will also listen to your problem, but won’t go to the root of it. Instead, a life coach will ask you what you want to do about it and will suggest ways to solve that problem, so you can achieve your goals not just by encouraging you but urging you to think about what concrete steps you should take and make sure that you take those steps.

How can a Life Coach help you?

Each Life Coach may have a different specialty. They have been trained, and each of them has a different skill set and expertise. You can be coached on finance, confidence, socialization, relationships, and other areas of your life that you need to improve on. If you want to be proactive, you get a life coach.

If you are at a point in your life where you are transitioning, say a new job, a new neighborhood, you just got married, you just had kids or any drastic change in your life and you are having difficulties, you can consult a Life Coach to set you in the right direction.

Life Coaches will ask you questions you may already have answers to. They won’t tell you which direction to go. They will set you in the right direction by making clear to you where you want to go. Once you have that figured out, a Life Coach will make sure you stay committed and that you don’t go astray. He will help you get things done.

Limitations of Life Coaching

Of course, a Life Coach has limitations. He won’t be able to solve your depression, for example. You might need more than counseling and only a psychiatrist can prescribe you medication. Life coaches are not doctors the same way doctors will not give you a plan of action on how to improve your life.

A psychiatrist won’t give you suggestions on how you can be a better person. He will just diagnose you, prescribe treatment, and medication. Life Coaches cannot prescribe medication. They do not heal people and they do not fix disorders. It’s a fragile line, but what Life Coaches can do is to help someone stay focused on their goal. Life Coaches usually work with high functioning people.

Famous people with Life Coaches

While some say that they don’t need a Life Coach, it doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t. Take for example an athlete. No matter how famous like Tiger Woods or Manny Pacquiao, they have a coach. They are better than their coaches, but, they still have a coach guiding them, empowering them, and giving them a fresh perspective whenever they get short-sighted or distracted. Even professional sporting teams have coaches. These coaches will schedule training and will make sure that the athletes are in the perfect condition to play in a match.

It’s not just in sports. You may be surprised that Oprah Winfrey, who herself is giving advice on television, actually has a Life Coach, Martha Beck. Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, and President Bill Clinton are coached by Tony Robbins. CEOs have Life Coaches.

Yes, they can be your best friend, but they’re different because your best friend won’t push you to get your goal and remind you to stick to it. You don’t have to tell your Life Coach your entire life the way you narrate everything to your spouse.

You can get a specialized Life Coach on your career or your finances. You will still make the decision, but your Life Coach will help you stick with that decision once you’ve figured it out.

Life Coaching is a serious business for serious people who want to achieve something seriously.

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